May 9, 2021 – Sixth Sunday of Easter

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This is our first Sunday Worship in the new building. We do not have our streaming and internet set up yet so please join us on Pastor Horn’s Facebook Live event stream!

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After the service, an archived video of the morning worship will be available online to watch later! You can find that on our Facebook page or back here on the website.


Forty days after Jesus rose from the dead he ascended into heaven, making himself invisible again so that he can always be with all of those who trust in him. One of the things Jesus did before he left was to give gifts to his Church.

This morning we will look at Ephesians 4:7-16 to see what these gifts are and how Jesus wants us to use them.

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Sunday Worship Service Folder” is available to open or download/print. Follow along with us as we worship our Lord.

Children’s “My Worship Notes” are included in another document. They can be used by children of any age to keep notes during the service.