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Sermon Series Preview

The Greek word epiphany means “appearance.” In the first half of this church season called Epiphany, we saw Jesus appear on the scene, beginning his ministry. He calls his disciples. It is not long before large crowds start following Jesus around Galilee.

So, in the second half of this season Jesus is going to teach us what it means to be one of his followers. Jesus does this through the most famous sermon of all time. It is not delivered while standing in a pulpit but while sitting on a hill. Elevated above the crowd, Jesus’ voice would carry through the air. His followers hung on his every word as the Christ talked about living an authentic Christian life. It is called the Sermon on the Mount.

Our worship the next few weeks will follow this pattern:

Trust in God’s Strength

You Are . . . So Be

Live a Holy Life

Love Your Enemies


No matter what your religious beliefs or spiritual background, this class is intended for you! Before you make up your mind about church or religion, you owe it to yourself to hear what the Bible actually says – about God’s love for you, and about his plan for your life. Come enjoy a cup of coffee and explore the Bible in a relaxed, non-judgmental setting. Bible Basics is a 12-lesson course that takes a fair, honest look at the main teachings of Christianity as they are found in the Bible.

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Every marriage has its “moments.” That’s why marriages need moments of encouragement and refreshment. Marriage Moments are short, weekly videos highlighting one Biblical marriage thought accompanied by a discussion question.

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