January 8, 2023 – Epiphany



The twelve days of Christmas culminate with the celebration of the Epiphany of our Lord. We commemorate the day when magi from afar worshiped the Christ Child. Before that day, Jesus had been worshiped by individuals of Jewish descent: the shepherds, elderly Simeon, the prophetess Anna. But Scripture said the coming Savior would be God’s gift to all nations. Epiphany proves that God keeps his promises, as he miraculously led foreigners to worship their Savior. Thus, Epiphany is sometimes called the Gentile Christmas. (The celebration of Epiphany likely precedes that of Christmas. Evidence of the Festival of Epiphany dates to Clement of Alexandria at the end of the second century.) Epiphany continues to play out to this very day. God worked through a special star to bring the magi into the presence of their Savior—for Christ’s glory and the magi’s blessing. Likewise, God has controlled time and space to bring you into the presence of your Savior—for Christ’s glory and your blessing. Thus, the magi were only the first in a long line of Gentiles who would join Israel in worshiping Jesus as King. Indeed, a Savior is born for all the nations! Come, let us adore him!

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