January 22, 2023 – Epiphany


A God-Lived Life 

God became man and lived life in our place. Christ lived the perfect God-lived life. Living as a Christian, a little Christ, we have the privilege of demonstrating what God looks like in how we live our lives, in living lives that show God. So for the next year God’s Word will be challenging us and we’ll be challenging one another to live a God-lived life. In today’s worship, the particular emphasis of the God-lived life is that of being a disciple, a learner, one who grows in God’s Word. May God’s Word cause us to crave that pure spiritual milk so that by it we grow up in our salvation. This quarter, we focus especially on ways to strengthen our following of Jesus.
Quarter One: A Life of Being a Disciple
Quarter Two: A Life Lived for Others
Quarter Three: A Life of Hospitality
Quarter Four: A Life Lived Shrewdly

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