May 16, 2021 – Seventh Sunday of Easter

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This is our first Sunday Worship in the new building. We do not have our streaming and internet set up yet so please join us on Pastor Horn’s Facebook Live event stream!

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After the service, an archived video of the morning worship will be available online to watch later! You can find that on our Facebook page or back here on the website.


Jesus, ascended into heaven, has removed his visible presence from us, but he has not removed his effective presence from us. He, together with all of his gifts— for he can never be separated either from his Word or its effects—is fully present in the message of the gospel. He effectively and eternally prays for us in heaven, and then in the Word gives us himself and the gifts he has won for us, i.e., he prays for us and gives us what he prays for. Through his Word he preserves us in faith until he takes us out of the world to himself in heaven. He sends us out into the world to give his saving gifts to all those he has chosen to gather to himself by his Word. The sermon will be based on John 17:9-19, Jesus’ prayer in the garden.

The sermon theme: “Jesus Prays for You”.

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Sunday Worship Service Folder” is available to open or download/print. Follow along with us as we worship our Lord.

Children’s “My Worship Notes” are included in another document. They can be used by children of any age to keep notes during the service.