June 26, 2022 – Pentecost

Third Sunday after Pentecost

The Lutheran Church is a confessional church.  Lutherans state clearly what they believe according to the Scriptures and, by the same norm, what errors they reject.  The Augsburg Confession is the primary confession of our Lutheran church.  The Lutheran princes presented it to Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Augsburg on June 25th, 1530. That date is generally considered the birth of the Lutheran church. The Confession is known for its clarity and beauty of composition, its combination of mildness and firmness, and its thoroughly evangelical character. The doctrine of justification by grace through faith is the central theme and permeates every article. Every Lutheran ought to be familiar with the history of the Augsburg Confession and its contents.

This morning we gather to celebrate the 492 year anniversary of the Augsburg Confession. With our hymns and prayers and readings we thank our God for the men who boldly stood firm in their Christian faith to preserve the truth contained in Scripture. We also come together to thank our God that he has and will continue to preserve his Word through his people.

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