June 11, 2023 – Pentecost


The Holy Ministry is Filled with Sinners Called by God

They never forgot their past. Moses never forgot how, in a fit of anger, he killed a man. Paul never forgot how he had savaged the Church of God, overseeing the persecution and execution of Christians around Jerusalem. Matthew never forgot how, as a tax collector for the Roman Empire, he was disdained as a swindler and traitor to his people. These men never forgot their past. But God did. God forgave them all their sins and called them into gospel ministry. The holy ministry is not filled with perfect people. The holy ministry is filled with sinners whom God has called out of his boundless mercy. The holy ministry is God’s gift to the Church. But it is also God’s gift to ministers, who certainly do not deserve the privilege of being God’s public servants. God calls sinful and weak individuals into the ministry, so that as his kingdom advances, we give credit where credit is due—to the Holy Spirit.

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