Sharing God’s Word with people who have disabilities.

Jesus Cares Ministries

There is nothing quite like the joy expressed when individuals with special needs are included and come together to praise God and hear the Gospel in a fun and meaningful way. 

More people than ever are getting the chance to experience that joy through both online and onsite fellowship through Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM).

We will offer a worship service specifically for people with special needs and their caregivers/families. Our ministry is on break until September. Please check in for updates! 

Please visit and “Like” our Jesus Cares Facebook page where you’ll find updates and pictures.


The Wabash Center

The Wabash Center’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for people with special needs in our community. In September 2021 we launched “Jesus Cares: Worship at the Cross” a monthly interactive worship service for people with special needs. The Wabash Center wants to partner with us to promote this ministry in the special needs community. They recognized our church with this award in October 2021. We pray that God does amazing things through his Word in the Greater Lafayette community….

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