October 15, 2023 – Pentecost


A Story of Insane Rejection 

There are invitations we might be tempted to reject: an invitation to an event you are not interested in, an invitation to a party that takes place at the same time as something else you want to do. There are other invitations which people would say you’ve lost your mind to reject: an invitation to go on a free tropical vacation, an invitation to go backstage and meet your favorite musical group, an invitation to the Super Bowl. We get so many invitations. Some we accept; others we reject. 

Where does God’s invitation to participate in his heavenly banquet rank? Scripture often pictures eternal life as a joyful party, full of friends and family, laughter, and the finest foods. Through a story Jesus teaches us how insane it would be to reject God’s gracious invitation to that eternal celebration. More, Jesus tells us what we need to get into that best of all banquets. 

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